Elevated homocysteine is a proven risk factor for vascular disease.

Homocysteine can be lowered by supplementing with methylated vitamins B12, B6, and folic acid.

Homocysteine can be a genetic condition which can be tested through a simple DNA Cheek swab. If you have the mutated gene that slows down methylation, then you could be at risk of elevated homocysteine. Always check blood markers of homocysteine alongside DNA swabs. Impaired methylation may prevent the breakdown of neuro-transmitters, displaying symptoms of chronic anxiety and lack of sleep. Other symptoms of not methylating optimally include, foods sensitivities especially to sulphites, fatigue, and sensitivities to wine and caffeine.

Homocysteine is an amino acid that’s very similar to the amino acids used by the body to make proteins. But, unlike these beneficial amino acids, homocysteine has toxic properties that contribute to poor health. High levels of homocysteine have been associated with numerous degenerative diseases.

Why Homocysteine Is So Dangerous?

Scientists are still investigating the exact mechanism as to why homocysteine contributes to these grave health risks, but several convincing mechanisms are emerging. The most prominent ones involve homocysteine’s ability to elevate oxidant stress, alter lipid (fat) metabolism, and promote excessive blood clotting.

To check whether you are predisposed to methylating sub-optimally and to check your homocysteine levels, get in touch by either emailing me at info@functional-health.co.uk and we can testing. I also offer a 15 minute complimentary chat, that can be booked.

Initial Consultation includes taking a full functional health history which means taking a comprehensive approach to understanding you as my client. Whether you are looking for weight management, increased energy, digestive support, hormonal balance or immune balance, I address you as my client and spend upto one and half hours in your first consultation. I work with a consultant doctor, and therefore can review your medical notes with the doctor and provide you with a comprehensive nutritional therapy plan which includes functional foods and supplementation and medical advice
from the doctor. Sometimes functional testing maybe be suggested.

Whether you see me once or a number of times, you will receive lots of recipes and a menu plan to suit you and your lifestyle. I create a nutritional therapy plan to fit around your lifestyle.

Usually, my clients see me 3 times for an – Initial Consultation, Follow Up and a Review, over 3-4 months.

Most clients book in for 3 sessions including:

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Follow up consultation to discuss Nutritional Therapy Report and findings of laboratory test results.
  3. 2 months check up to monitor symptoms, diet and supplementation
Initial Consultations for 1.5 hours £240
Follow up with lab. test results £200
45 minute follow ups £150

Lab tests and supplement recommendations are extra. All test results include a separate personalised Nutritional Therapy plan.

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