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Benefits of glutathione

Benefits of Glutathione

Boost energy levels – going to the big music festivals can means traipsing miles from tent to tent and dancing for hours on end so keeping going can be a challenge which is why booking our Energy Booster IV before you go could turbocharge your energy levels.

It contains B vitamins and magnesium which the body requires to convert energy from the food you consume and they also help the body to use it in the effective way possible. It also contains the essential energy-boosting amino acids, particularly taurine which is a common ingredient in energy and sports performance drinks.

Benefits of Glutathione

  • Detox
  • Immunity
  • Energy
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Beat a hangover – a music festival is the ultimate hedonistic experience so it’s no wonder that festival goers can be left feeling they’ve dangerously over-indulged. Our Hydration IV Drip flushes out toxins and replaces bodily fluids which can instantly relieve the nausea and headaches you might be experiencing. Heat and lack of hydration can also rapidly deplete the body of necessary vitamins and minerals so we’ve included vitamins C and B Complex in our Hydration IV Drip which boost the work of the liver to detoxify the body.

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