Functional Testing

  • Genetic Testing for Nutritional Health and Fitness (includes carbohydrate sensitivity, fat sensitivity, dairy intolerance, caffeine sensitivity, detoxification, pre-disposition to low vitamin d and b vitamins, pre disposition to the coeliac gene HLA DQ2/DQ8
  • Methylation Testing both Genetic testing for the MTHFR gene and analysing how these genes have been expressed through measuring B12, folate and B6 red blood cell.
  • Stool analysis (parasites, bacteria, digestion, inflammatory makers) using the latest GI Effects by Genova which includes DNA analysis on bacteria
  • Small Intestinal bacteria breath test (SIBO)
  • Cyrex Coeliac and Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity Screen and cross reactivity food screen Blood Test
  • Food Sensitivities IgG Allergy IgE Blood tests
  • Chronic Fatigue Screen (urine and saliva)
  • Hormone Panel saliva and blood test
  • Full Nutritional Profile (amino acid blood test and urine)
  • Red Blood cell counts on magnesium, Folate and B6, B12 and also Methylmalonic acid
  • Vitamin D levels Blood test
  • Anaemia Panel Blood test
  • H Pylori Test Stool test
  • Coq10 blood test
  • Antioxidant Profile Blood Test
  • Metal Toxicity Screen Blood and Urine Test
  • Cardiovascular Risk Panel including Homocysteine Blood Test
  • Latest Dutch Test for hormones and metabolites (dried urine)
  • Toxic Metal Testing Blood and Urine
Accounts with all the major functional laboratories.

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